Just Gestures

Mouse Gestures for Windows



What is Just Gestures?

Just Gestures is an easy and elegant way to enhance your mouse with endless possibilities. The main idea is to get maximum efficiency out of your mouse and use the keyboard as little as possible. The program allows you to create mouse gestures with user-defined actions; you can use mouse movements and click combinations. Just Gestures will recognize gestures you perform and invoke the appropriate actions.

What are mouse gestures?

Mouse gestures are usually performed by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse along a curve or line. When the right button is released, a specific action is executed.

What kinds of mouse gestures are supported in Just Gestures?

  • Classic Curve Gesture - standard gesture carried out by holding down the mouse button of your choice, moving the mouse along a certain path, then releasing the button.
  • Double Button Combination – clicking one mouse button while holding down another mouse button.
  • Wheel Button Combination – scrolling with the mouse wheel while holding down a mouse button.

Do I have to pay for using Just Gestures?

Just Gestures is provided to you free of charge, but for non-commercial use only.

What operating systems are supported?

Just Gestures runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7); .NET 2.0 or higher is required.

Who created Just Gestures?

The author of Just Gestures is Miroslav Dzurenko.